John Hollingdale - Chairman

John Hollingdale, Chairman of Space Engineering Services

John has played a fundamental role in the history and development of Space Engineering Services, having held a number of titles over the years whilst helping to shape the company into what it is today.

Initially acting as Financial Advisor to the company (then known as Space Cooling Services Limited) for the first 14 years of the company’s existence, John was then appointed as Chief Executive in 2003. Two years later he, along with Rick Taylor and Barry Stevenson, completed a management buy-out of the company which then became Space Engineering Services, with John acting as Chairman and Financial Director for the newly created company. John continues his role as Chairman today, bringing his involvement with the company to an impressive 26 years.  

John’s present responsibilities include providing the Board of Directors with the support needed to work effectively as a team, offering insightful perspective thanks to his broad experience gained during his career as a practising Chartered Accountant and as a multiple business owner himself.

In addition to bringing financial acumen and experience to the Board, John also ensures that the company continues its ethical commitments and acts with integrity at all times. John has developed strong relationships with all the major stakeholders in the business, as part of his responsibility to keeping the wider shareholder group informed of the company’s progress.

John’s extensive and varied involvement in the company has enabled him to gather perspective on the company and its place in the industry, most significantly the maturing relationships between Space Engineering Services and its long standing customers, which demonstrates the company’s progress towards partnership working.

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