Dale Nouch - Managing Director

Dale Nouch, Managing Director of Space Engineering Services

Dale joined the refrigeration and air conditioning industry in 1990 and began working with Space Engineering Services as a Project Manager in 2001.

As Managing Director, Dale is responsible for the overall performance of the business and setting and implementing the company’s vision with purpose and supported by its values.

With his time approaching 30 years in the industry, his measured approach and trust in the expertise of his teams ensures the continued success for our customers, investors and employees.

Dale has witnessed evolution in the industry in recent times, particularly the impact of new technology and regulatory changes. There’s been an increasing demand for natural and future-proofed refrigeration systems, which Space Engineering Services has been manufacturing and supplying for many years. Dale recognises that changes in consumer shopping habits have also played a significant role in the shifting landscape of commercial and industrial refrigeration, another factor which drives Space Engineering Services in its commitment to “understand, innovate and deliver”.

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Tel: 0117 977 8833
Email: Dale.Nouch@space-engineering.co.uk