Mike Brereton

Sales and Marketing Director

Joining Space Engineering Services in September 2016, Mike is delighted to be part of our team following a six-month period of providing consulting services to help create our strategic growth plan. Mike is responsible for the establishment of high-calibre sales and marketing functions together with driving activities to deliver sales growth. 

Mike has had a 30-year career in business leadership and ownership, during which time he has focussed on supporting businesses seeking to generate additional value by identifying, developing and implementing structured sales strategies which address opportunities for market expansion, differentiation, and organisational development.

With prior experience gained in SMEs and major global enterprises, Mike is equipped with the breadth of experience to ensure the hidden or unlocked potential of businesses can be identified and enhanced. His previous roles include leading global capital sales operations for end-market groups including food and beverage, oil and gas, and power generation customers. Developing aftermarket sales and services portfolios, creating additional stakeholder value, and developing and implementing sales solutions were some of Mike's key priorities in these roles. Understanding various types of customers’ operations methodologies together with their appreciation of what constitutes value, expressed in their terms, was essential in these roles as it is for his role with Space Engineering Services.

With his sights firmly set on driving sales growth for Space Engineering Services and value for our customers, Mike's ongoing primary objective is developing a detailed understanding of our customers, their businesses, and their unmet needs. 

Contact Mike using this form, or use the following contact details: 

Tel: 0117 977 8833
Email: Michael.Brereton@Space-Engineering.co.uk