Monitoring & Bureau Support.

Having end-to-end refrigeration and HVAC control and monitoring helps business’ comply with quality processes, cut operating costs and ensure perishable goods are stored in optimal HT, MT and LT conditions.

Space are well versed in all types of monitoring systems.  The main benefits being:

  • Fully scalable and client bespoke that operates at any scale of resolution. Giving users the option to monitor and control everything from a single component to building-wide energy use.
  • Software that can be developed collaboratively and with a cost-effective range of over 500 hardware and software products for refrigeration, ventilation, Air Conditioning, heating, and fully integrated BMS applications.
  • Supporting service and compliance engineering services, protecting assets and managing energy.
  • Monitoring / actioning alarms – setting up processes to receive and technically review active alarms. Including remote resolution with possible.
  • Interaction with site – contacting site to verify alarm validity, establishing if an engineer attendance is required.  This reduces work order generation, if not required, in turn reducing travel (CO₂ emissions), equipment downtime, engineering resource and inconvenience to clients.
  • Trend and root cause analysis – using available data and active FM functionality to identify trends and provide recommendations on innovation resolution including remote intervention when possible.
  • Pre and post maintenance analysis – providing pre maintenance reporting to target engineering resource, ensuring issues highlighted and resolved
  • Promoting the sharing of best practice accorss customer sites
  • Designed with reliability and longevity in mind, we develop products and solutions tha challenge the way people think, with many backed with the best in class 5 year warranty.

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