International collaboration to develop new hydrocarbon chiller

A mechanical engineering student from the Netherlands has recently begun an internship with Space Engineering Services to develop the concept of a hydrocarbon chiller; a cost effective natural refrigerant alternative for the retail market.

Jeroen De Regt, in his fourth year at Avans University of Applied Sciences, joins our Plant Manufacturing team in Bristol for his 20 week internship. Between February and June, Jeroen will work with our Research and Development team on the new chiller to develop the principle design of the system, analyse its energy savings, produce 3D CAD models, and develop the best control strategy by working closely with the Electrical Engineering team. During his internship, Jeroen will receive mentoring from our experienced Technical Development Engineers and technical training to support him throughout the project.

This hydrocarbon chiller is the latest product innovation in development at Space Engineering Services. By using hydrocarbons, the chiller has a low global warming potential of just three, and can deliver comparable, if not greater, energy efficiency over hydrofluorocarbons. This low cost chiller delivers excellent running efficiencies in addition to the capacity to provide heat reclaim.

“Jeroen is proving to be an excellent resource thanks to his knowledge, willingness to find solutions to technical constraints, and a very good work attitude towards ensuring the project timelines are maintained. This type of collaboration enables us to support young engineers by providing practical experience to students like Jeroen, whilst demonstrating how rewarding a career in refrigeration can be. We’re continuing to support initiatives which tackle the skills shortage in our industry, in addition to our long term strategy to grow our engineering expertise internationally.” said Paul Hallett, Design Development Manager.

Whilst in its early stages, we believe that this new hydrocarbon chiller will deliver excellent efficiencies for our customers without compromising on cost or performance.

If you would like more information on the hydrocarbon chiller, please complete a contact form. We also have a wide range of tried and tested plant systems, visit the Refrigeration Systems page for more information.