National Apprenticeship Week

National Apprenticeship Week

09 Feb 2024

As National Apprenticeship Week 2024 comes towards its end, We’re finishing the week with some feedback from our current apprentices on how they are finding their experience so far…

What motivated you to apply for an apprenticeship within Space Engineering? How long have you been with us?

Niall Evans: I was motivated to apply at Space because I saw it as a great opportunity to start a career in electrical design and engineering. I felt doing an apprenticeship would be the best way to get my foot in the door and learn about the industry. I started my apprenticeship in November 2022.

James Williams: The reason I was motivated to apply for this apprenticeship was because I have always had an interest in engineering, and when reading the details of this apprenticeship on Indeed I knew that would be the environment I would thrive in. I have been an apprentice at Space Engineering for 5 and a half months.

Charlie Dunn: I have worked for Space Engineering for 2 and half years, the reason I applied for the apprenticeship was because I wanted a career change and to learn a hands on trade in something I had never done before.

I have been at Space Engineering for over a year now and throughout my time here I’ve picked up knowledge about refrigeration, as well as general engineering, from colleagues. This has helped grow my confidence and understanding in engineering. Therefore, I’m currently able to do many tasks required with no guidance needed as I was taught the basics properly. When an issue occurs and I ask for advice, my mentor explains and is happy to provide tips of experience to come to a solution. Overtime here, I’m gradually picking up more and more experience which will enable me to grow my career in engineering in the future. – Joshua Rees 

What training/experiences have helped within your role to date?

NE: I had experience working in a few different areas at Pack Build such as pressure testing and commissioning, which has helped me progress in my apprenticeship and build knowledge of our processes. I have also attended site a few times which has helped me get a better understanding of what we do.

JW: I’ve learned a variety of information, ranging from how to build a pack in comps area to learning how to run and wire cables into a pack panel, I have learned to read and wire off a schematic, I have been trained in what to do in the case of a chemical spill (COSHH) and what to do in the case of an injury.

CD: I’ve recently passed my F-Gas which now allows me to use refrigerant on site and I look forward to putting this into practice. I’ve also trained my pressure testing assistant to a good standard where I can trust him to work by himself and from Monday 5th Feb he will train a new apprentice starting with us on Pressure Test.

What are your long term career goals within the industry?

JW: My long term career goals are too become confident in the work place and become independent in my work, potentially have the opportunity to train a new apprentice on the skills I have been taught and become full time.

What qualities do you feel are essential for success in this industry?

NE: I feel like the most important quality is a willingness to learn, and being open to new ideas. It’s essential to continue to improve so that you create new career opportunities and don’t get settled into one place. Being understanding especially with others is another important quality which can help you to build strong relationships throughout your career.

JW: The qualities I feel are essential for success in this industry is perseverance, resilience, clear communication, working as a team and having a good working attitude.

What accomplishment are you most proud of and why?

JW: Before I was employed at Space Engineering I had little understanding of a control panel let alone how to wire it, my proudest accomplishment is that I can now confidently and independently wire a panel and I have become almost fully independent in both electrical and comps area.

CD: I am most proud of completing my F-Gas because it is one of the key qualifications for becoming a successful Refrigeration Engineer. 

Anything else you would like to share with us on your experiences to date?

JW: My experiences here have only ever been positive, I’ve learned lots of electrical knowledge, some I can use in my day to day life, some I can pass on to others, I’ve met lots of new people and built great colleague relationships.

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