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    Classic Mini

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Classic Mini

The Classic Mini is a compact and versatile HFC refrigeration system ideal for retail or small industrial/processing applications with cooling requirements of up to 60kw.

Key features

  • Suitable for a range of HFC/HFO blend refrigerants
  • Multiple options available – internal, external packaged or external housed with remote condenser
  • 30kW to 60kW HT/LT or DT configuration
  • Designed for easy installation
  • Suitable for retail or small industrial/processing applications
  • Full PLC backup control
  • 30ltr/80ltr receiver set (either integral or remote)
  • Integral control panel wired in tri-rated cable with 24V SELV control system
  • Can be fitted with any manufacturer or type of primary control or compressor
  • Automatic reset to primary controller
  • Full PLC backup control

This HFC single or dual temperature unit can be configured with between 30 to 60kW HT/LT or DT capacities.

As with all of our plant solutions, the Classic Mini® is pre-piped, commissioned, strength tested and CE marked, and has been assembled with minimal brazed connections reducing leak potential and manufacturing time.

The Classic Mini benefits from a coalescing oil separator and electronic oil regulators. The oil separator works by reclaiming oil from the compressors and feeding it back into the oil regulators, helping to reduce inefficiencies in refrigerated display cabinets and associated service costs. Electronic oil regulators stop the compressors from running if the oil levels run low, preventing expensive compressor failures.

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