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  • ECO₂ BIS

    ECO₂ BIS

  • ECO₂ BIS
  • ECO₂ BIS
  • ECO₂ BIS


The ECO₂ Booster Integrated Solution (BIS) (pat. pend.) is a 3-in-one system that captures waste heat from the refrigeration process and supplements it with an external load to provide space heating and efficient space cooling

Key Features

  • Natural refrigeration solution using R744, with a GWP of 1
  • Compact transcritical design
  • Delivers space heating and cooling via ceiling-mounted cassettes
  • Designed for easy installation in plant or stock room
  • Suitable for all small to medium refrigeration users
  • Innovatively designed to provide easy access for service and maintenance
  • Modular compressor configuration means a wide application range
  • Prefabricated copper pipework for durability and cost-effective manufacturing
  • Single or dual temperature configuration
  • Supplied with anti-vibration mounts as standard to reduce noise
  • Fully enclosed compressors, vessels and pipework
  • Sound attenuated enclosure to minimise noise disruption
  • CO₂ leak detection alarm
  • Integral control panel
  • Energy saving VSD and digital controls on compressors
  • Excellent heat reclaim potential for heating air and water

The ECO₂ BIS is a high-performing, super-efficient, compact CO₂ refrigeration system that provides future-proof cooling.

Based on our market-leading ECO₂ Mini, we’ve taken its best features and combined it with booster technology to provide space cooling at the most efficient conditions utilising parallel compressor technology. By recovering waste heat and turning it into space heating, there’s no need for separate HVAC heat pumps.

The unique configuration of the system provides impressive energy and financial savings. Energy usage in stores powered by the ECO₂ BIS is reduced by as much as 30% when compared to a standard convenience store installation with HFC pack and separate HVAC heat pumps. This is thanks to the system’s heat recovery capabilities and the efficiency-boosting thermodynamic properties of CO₂, meaning that the ECO₂ BIS offers significant contributions towards meeting sustainability and energy reduction targets too.

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