ECO₂ Maxi

ECO₂ Maxi

The ECO₂ Maxi is a natural, large capacity refrigeration system using R744/CO2. This HT or dual temperature unit is ideal for larger retail, industrial or processing applications with cooling requirements from 150kW to 300kw HT.

Key features

  • Low GWP
  • Compact, transcritical design – capacities from 150kW to 300kw HT or DT
  • Available as a packaged or externally housed unit with remote gas cooler or internal frame and remote gas cooler
  • Suitable for larger supermarket retail, industrial or process applications
  • Designed for easy access for service and maintenance
  • Easy access for service and maintenance
  • Modular compressor configuration means a wide application range
  • Pre-formed copper piping with minimal joints to reduce leak potential
  • Single or dual temperature configuration
  • Single or dual 190ltr HP receiver
  • Supplied with anti-vibration mounts as standard
  • Integral control panel
  • VSD and digital controls on compressors providing energy saving benefits
  • Can be fitted with any manufacturer or type of primary control or compressor

The ECO₂ Maxi combines the low and high temperature cooling requirements of large format stores into a single, internal frame, housed or packaged solution, which also offers full compressor diagnostics and a CO₂ leak detection alarm.

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