Venture Micro

Venture Micro

The Venture Micro is our most compact, externally housed dual temperature A2L system for convenience refrigeration users. It’s a cost-effective refrigeration system using the A2L range of refrigerants that has similar operating pressures to HFC systems.

A2L is a new designation of low toxicity, mildly flammable refrigerants. They provide an alternative to HFC refrigerants which are being phased out under the F-gas Regulation. We have designed and built our A2L systems with extra safety features including a sensitive refrigerant leak detection alarm and an in-built powerful extractor fan.

Key features

  • A2L system offering a low GWP of less than 150
  • Cost-effective alternative to CO2 systems
  • Suitable for a range of refrigerants
  • Similar operating pressures to HFC systems
  • Compact design making it ideal for smaller environments
  • Suitable for smaller refrigeration demands including convenience stores
  • Designed for easy external installation
  • Easy access for service and maintenance
  • Modular compressor configuration means a wide application range
  • Prefabricated copper pipework for durability and cost-effective manufacturing
  • Single or dual temperature configuration
  • Fully enclosed compressors, integrated receiver and condenser
  • Low noise enclosure option
  • External control panel under canopy
  • Lead digital scroll compressor available to provide additional energy savings

The Venture Micro is the newest system in our A2L range. It offers a cost-effective and compact solution for lower refrigeration demands including convenience stores. The Venture Micro is ideal for the low and high temperature cooling requirements of convenience stores.

As with all of our A2L systems, it has a low global warming potential (148 for R455a and 454c) to comply with government regulations on phasing down high GWP refrigerants. Digital controls on the Venture Micro’s compressors provide significant energy saving benefits.

The compressors and pipework are fully concealed to minimise noise disruption which is especially important in retail environments.

The Venture Micro is designed, manufactured and tested in the UK at our manufacturing facility in Bristol.

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