Classic Maxi Housed

Classic Maxi Housed refrigeration system from Space Engineering Services

The Classic Maxi Housed offers a solution for stores with larger refrigeration requirements where internal plant or stock room space is restricted.

Key features

  • Designed for easy installation externally or in a plant or stock room
  • Suitable for convenience and small supermarket retail applications
  • Single or dual temperature configuration
  • Full PLC back up control
  • Remote 80L receiver set
  • Integral control panel wired in tri-rated cable with 24V SELV control system
  • Can be fitted with any manufacturer or type of primary control or compressor
  • Supplied with anti-vibration mounts as standard
  • Automatic reset to primary controller
  • Full cladded weather proof assembly with intake and extract ventilation

A simple solution tailored to your needs

As with all of our plant solutions, the Classic Maxi Housed is pre-piped, commissioned, strength tested and CE marked, and has been assembled with minimal brazed connections reducing leak potential and manufacturing time. This HFC single or dual temperature plant can be configured with between 7 and 16 compressors depending on cooling requirements. The plant is designed for easy installation, primarily in external locations.

Efficiency at its heart

Our Classic Maxi Housed plant benefits from a coalescing oil separator and electronic oil regulators. The oil separator works by reclaiming oil from the compressors and feeding it back into the oil regulators, helping to reduce inefficiencies in the cabinets and associated service costs. The plant’s oil regulators stop the compressors from running if the oil levels run low, preventing expensive compressor failures.


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