Our Promise to Sustainability is a series of goals that provides direction for the business and its people. These Sustainability Goals need to be clear definable and measurable for each area of the business.

  • A Low Carbon Business
  • Green by Design
  • Sustainable by choice

Green Designs will reduce air and water pollution and conserve natural resources, which in turn creates a healthier living environment for people everywhere:

  • We are investing in Air Source Heat-pump Technology
  • Our new rotary-packs have an improved COP figure to reduce energy consumption
  • We are leading the UK for natural refrigerant solution in food distribution and manufacturing sites
  • Design and installation of HVAC Heat Recovery Systems
  • Design and installation of Combined Heating and Power (CHP)

As a Low Carbon Business, we will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of our activities and operations.  It is the right thing to do!  This demonstrates our commitment toward developing a caring culture towards sustainability and the environment.  It provides clarity to our people, clients, supply chain, industry and our followers.

15% reduction in CO2 emissions – CO2 Per Commercial Driver to an average of 0.33 Kg CO2 Per Mile

We will choose to be sustainable in everything we do:

  • Waste management
  • Green energy procurement and carbon offsetting
  • Responsible use of natural resources
  • Printing less
  • Using less water
  • Reducing project wastage
  • Replace components on compressors
  • Only purchasing from ethical and sustainable partners

We’re proud to be certified to ISO 14001:2004 for environmental management.

To find out more, read our Integrated HSEQ Management Policy.

Read our HSEQ Priorities to find out what we’re striving to do and how we plan to achieve it.


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